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All people of the world still remember that the innumerable miracles are related with our beloved prophet (peace be upon him), Such as when we go fourteen centuries back then we come to know that moon has splited into two parts, when Holy Prophet (P.B.U.H) pointed his finger toward it, similarly continuous fragrance emanting in those places through which he passed and all trees were blowing down in his respect. Another glory of our beloved Prophet was that when he sat for lunch or dinner, everyone tooked lunch or dinner with full appetite irrespective to this how long the crowd was. Sarkar Waris Pak (R.A) also belonged to the family of Holy Prophet (according to genealogy) that’s why his whole being was saturated with special qualities both in eternal and external affairs. He performed miracles, this unusual gift bestowed on him by Almighty of God. The profound effects and the blessing and bounties of Warsi lake are carry out in the form of miracles or karamat on everyone, not only today but will remain forever.
Few miracles related to Sarkar Waris Pak (R.A) are mention over here

Sarkar Waris Pak (R.A) was a spiritual doctor therefore all hidden diseases have finished when he paid single attention on them.
Once upon a time a boy, who was a resident of Agra, suffered by intense pain due to renal stone. He seemed to be irritable because of disease, his relative along with boy came to meet our Sarkar Waris and told the detail of his condition. Sarkar Waris said “Next morning, your stone will pass away". Hence on the next day same happened just as our Sarkar said, the boy paid a visited to Sarkar Waris Pak (R.A) with great pleasure and peoples were astonished to see his recovery.
Once Sarkar Waris Pak (R.A) said “Once a day while going towards the caves of Soor, I saw an old woman lamenting bitterly when I enquired the cause of her sorrow then she said that her youthful son had just expired. I advised patience but she complained where could she get relief from sorrow on such a desert places? Neither had she money to buy medicine, Nor could she implore anyone to make arrangement for efficacious relief, She requested me for God sake, you do something for him because he is my only son. I removed the cover from his face and sprinkled water over it. Fortunately he opened his eyes and began to talk, the old woman very much pleased to see her son, we moved forward to say that perhaps he was in a swoon hardly distinguished from death.”
Way of Sarkar Waris speech was peerless, his each instruction was beneficial and the people were astonished that neither he prescribed any medicine, Nor he proceed any action but a sick person becomes well by the blessing of his kind words

Exoteric miracles or karamat of Sarkar Waris Pak (R.A) are those, which were concerned specially to those people, who were spiritually connected with him. The greatness of Sarkar Waris relation was so strange, parallel of which is hard to find and in any condition, they did not left his follower unsuccessfully.
Hafiz Mohammed Shabbier Sahib, who was the resident of Madina and had a great affection and respect to our sarkar, once he had arrested in the charge of committed murder and seemed no any condition for release,. When this news approached to Sarkar Waris, after hearing he said, “He is a man who did not tell a lie, such person had not been arrested." Hence case was proceed in favour of him and finally he got release, later on he came to pay his respect to Sarkar Waris.
Similar incident happened with Sheikh Azmatullah Sahib, who was the disciple of Sarkar Waris.he had also arrested in the charge of murder, due to which his family became so disturbed . Wife of Sheikh Azmatullah Sahib came to meet our Sarkar and Sarkar Waris found that she was not wearing bangles in hands, so he ordered to her, “To be wear bangles”. When she received the order of Sarkar Waris here, while there magistrate had issued the order of her husband release.
These incidents gave us the impression that how much a significant of our saint saying although he spoke in simple words but conveyed the special meaning to everyone, through which they can achieve the benefit.

Haji Abass Hussein Sahib, who was the disciple of Sarkar Waris narrated that when he went to Hijaz for proceeding Haj, while traveling back, strong flood was appeared in river, due to this panicy situation created in ship, I was laying on a bench in this trouble and had profoundly missed to sarkar waris, suddenly I was stunned to see that Sarkar Waris was standing at the edge of ship and meanwhile flood has been passed away and our ship was appeared again to moved with it usual speed.

ust as external and eternal miracles of Sarkar Waris Pak (R.A) were continued in land and sea and his spiritual power had been observed in all over the world, in the same way, his external and eternal miracles were also carried on in temporal world, Therefore Jinnat were came to pay their respect to Sarkar Waris, Here some memorable incident of Jinnat are following
Choudary Mohammed Abdullah narrated that once evening Sarkar Waris ordered to his disciples, “Get out the room and no one remains here”. All people carried out his command, they came out and soon his room became vacant, After that our sarkar locked the door, Some of his disciple who were sitting beside the room recognized that large number of the people were moved in and out of the room, no whispered hear but he feel their foot steps only. This strange situation continued since an hour after that home became calm and quiet. When Sarkar Waris opened the door and had seemed to the astonished faces of the people then he said, “These Jinnat are our disciple, came here.”
Once Sarkar Waris went to Firozabad, he stayed in the house of Hakeem Amjad Ali Khan Sahib, he said to Sarkar Waris that there was a lady of noble family staying near his house but unfortunately she was possessed by an evil spirit, especially on Sunday. She was having a very sever fit, her husband become a disciple of our saint and mentioned his wife suffering and he latter added that she may be admitted to his fold for enjoying a better life in the hereafter.
The next day Sarkar Waris visited his house, it being a Sunday the lady was under the sever influence of the evil spirit; our saint questioned the lady who she was? She replied in a guff voice, “I am a Jinn, I felt in her love that is why being lover, every Sunday I came here” she replied. Our saint smilingly said, “You are a raw lover, Are you not ashamed coming after a weak to see your beloved? If you are a real lover remain here permanently”. She replied “I abandon such love and will never come again.” After sometime the lady regained her sense and became his disciple.

Extraordinary qualities were expressed in every talk of Sarkar Waris Pak (R.A) and innumerable miracles had been manifested by him without any personal motives. All human and jinn had loved and good terms with him, similarly marine animals and birds were also lovingly communicated with him. This showed that animals and birds were also under the spiritual influence of Sarkar Waris. Therefore countless miracles of Sarkar Waris related to animals and birds are popular amongst the people.
Syed Maroof Shah Warsi narrated that I had observed so many times, when Sarkar Waris passed through the desert then all birds like dove, pigeons and etc. were soon gathered around him and they were trying to become more and more closed with him, Whenever he went for a walk to the canal or lake then fishes were settled down along the border of the lake, Similarly peoples were interesting to note that sometime when large number of ants were found on the sleeping bed of Sarkar Waris then he said, “ These ants are hungry so put the sugar on all the corner of the home”. Hence the disciple has carried out his order after those ants were disappearing very soon.
The spirituality of Sarkar Waris Pak (R.A) has done a great wonder in this world and the people were amazing to see his spiritual manifestation. In short he had performed wonderful external & eternal miracles, which were not only appreciated by his disciple but the educated people were also fascinated to his miracles.