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Sarkar Waris Pak (May Allah mercy upon him) was born on 1’st Ramadan in 1238 Hijrah at Deva Shareef; Deva is an ancient town north of Bara banki. His mother named was “Syeda Bibi Sakina (Chand Bibbi), who was the daughter of Syed Shier Ali (R.A). It’s mean that his mother lineage was also connected with the family of Hazrat Fatima (R.A).His father was “Syed Qurban Ali Shah (R.A)”, He was the Hafiz, Qari and famous physician of his time. Sarkar Waris Ali Shah (R.A) came from a family of Husseini Syed His genealogy shows that he was born in 26’Th generation of Hazrat Imam Hussein (R.A). He was not even three year old when his father expired and after sometime his mother was also died and he became an orphan. If we skip over the pages of history then we come to know that Sarkar Waris has got this orphan hood by his grandfather Holy Prophet peace be upon him (According to genealogy), Just as Holy Prophet (Peace be upon him) has lost both of his parents in infancy and became an orphan, in the same way Sarkar Waris Pak (R.A) has also lost his parents, when he was a child and regarded as an orphan. After the parent’s death, his grandmother “Hayatun- Nissa Sahiba” began to look after of Sarkar Waris (R.A). At the age of five Sarkar Waris was started learning the Quran and in a period of just two year, he had memorized the whole Quran and became Hafiz. Infect his Extraordinary talent was due to the special bestowing of his grandfather Holy Prophet (Peace be upon him) and was the fruitful outcome of his kind grandmother training. After the death of his grandmother, Haji Khadim Ali Shah took him under his supervision and continued his education. When Sarkar Waris Pak (R.A) was reached at the age of eleven then Haji Khadim Ali Shah properly embraced him into his spiritual fold, but unfortunately within a short period Haji Khadim has died and Sarkar Waris Pak (R.A) was elected as a successor of the deceased of Haji Khadim Ali Shah, Therefore by that time blessing of Sarkar Waris was started and even to this day his spiritual gift are still continuing to sprinkle.